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Although we use these terms interchangeably in popular culture, there is, in fact, a world of difference between a leader and a boss. Among other things, leaders empower, encourage, and inspire, rather than ruling through fear and stress. Here are five differences between the two–and some actionable mindsets for bosses to become leaders.

The diver entered the cage and lowered into the choppy ocean.  He adjusted the camera on its mount, checked his air flow, and then let the boat above know that he was set and ready to film.
Then a 20 foot Great White Shark swam at the cage, gripped it with its powerful jaws, and put two tons of weight behind the force of its attack.
It was heart stopping and it wasn’t even me in that cage.  But as the battle-scarred shark relented and others swam in to inspect this visitor into their world, it occurred to me.  There are some very serious leadership lessons to be learned here.  Lessons from the Sharks and from those who study and protect them.
Lessons we can only learn during Shark Week.